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Meet Dr. Angela Wilbon

Dr. Angela Wilbon, Ph.D, LICSW, and LCSW-C sees the value in everyone she meets. A provider at NEW for more than 12 years, Dr. Wilbon uses her subject matter expertise, her kindness, and her empathy to support both our staff and clients.

Using principles that are key to the philosophical belief of ontology, Dr. Wilbon believes that there are ways of being that influence the actions we take, which in turn influence the results we produce. One is not just a product of their circumstances, but how one chooses to move about the world and make a mark. 

Dr. Wilbon provides coaching to our staff using these principals so they can separate themselves from the trauma they see every day, ensure they are not bringing their own trauma into their daily practice, and creating space for themselves to remain mentally strong and show up with resilience and empathy every day to support NEW clients.

“When [NEW staff] speak to clients, they are making a promise to show up with intention, positivity, and without judgment. What are you bringing of yourself to work every day, and how does that inform your approach, your presence, to this work? That intentionality sets the stage for a productive partnership with clients on their journey forward.”

For clients, Dr. Wilbon provides one on one therapy and group sessions so that mental wellness is addressed as these women seek stability, growth, and self-sufficiency. For a lot of our clients, mental health is a major challenge; they come to NEW with a background of abuse, instability, housing insecurity, substance use, unemployment, and systemic oppression, and very few resources to cope. Dr. Wilbon sees an opportunity to change the narrative and be present for each woman NEW serves by encouraging them to face- and then let go- of their past.

“So much of who we are comes from our reaction to circumstances as a child. If mom picks us up late from school, it’s because she doesn’t love us and is therefore our fault. By analyzing this encounter, we can rethink that perspective and realize that our self worth is not contingent upon how others have treated us. We are more than that.”

Dr. Wilbon believes that the key to creating successful outcomes at NEW is to meet people where they are, allow each woman to face her story at her own pace, and in response, show unconditional positive regard. When she facilitates a session with our residents, she does so by honoring each and every woman for their strength and participation in showing up every day wanting more for themselves and their families.

“When you show up in a space where people stand for your greatness and make room for the not so great things, you feel like you can do anything, achieve anything, and aren’t hindered by your past circumstances. Your future is yours to determine.”

Trust is at the forefront of this work at NEW. Dr. Wilbon keeps these sessions confidential so that participants can safely face their truth without judgment or concern.

“We need women to feel safe, to have a place to express [themselves] without a filter or worry, or concern about what they’re sharing. When we work together, it’s just us without an audience.”

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